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Cabinet getting taken apart for restoration - head stripped and ready to sand. Head getting repaired, cabinet stripped for sanding. Cabinet getting filled and sanded. Cabinet has first coat of primer to find minor defects to fix. Cabinet dropped off for paint. New pf dropped off for clearcoat. Cabinet back from paint and silkscreened. PF fixed and cleared. Cabinet and head prepped for decals. Armor out for powdercoat. Powdercoat back, waiting for decal installation. Decals installed. Top of pf getting stripped. Pf stripped. Ready to start on new pf. Ramps and plastics rebuilt. Topside laid out so I could drill holes. Backside next. Plastics getting test fit. Pf back in game. Started initial testing., Initial testing complete. Plastics going on. Game almost together. Had to order a longer HDMI for the small screen and Rudy is getting a custom airbrush. Everything tested - waiting on Rudy.