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Attacking major problems first with sound and display and burnt GI. Game partially stripped for powder coat. Top of pf being stripped. Pf completeley stripped - ready to prep for clear. Cabinet sanded, damage filled. Pf cleaned and polished - dropped off for clearcoat. Cabinet prepped and painted. Decal applied and coin door back on. Cabinet will be finished when powder coat items come back. Mini pf almost back together. Waiting on clearcoat to cure. Top of pf initially populated. Mechs rebuilt, harness installed. Waiting on decal for back panel so pf can be put back in game. Pf back in game, going through initial testing. Top of pf getting initial population almost done. Will test after this is completed. Working on final parts for pf - mini pf will be installed - new ramp is in and installed. Everything tested, clock needs a rebuild and install to finish