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PF top stripped - ready to pull it out of the game. Pf pulled and completely stripped. New pf starting layout. Parts on order. Top of pf initially laid out. Bottom of pf getting laid out. Had to order more lamp sockets before installing braid. Ground braid installed and soldered. Harness installation about 3/4 done. Have a few things to clean up and it will be ready to put back in the cabinet. Back of pf complete just waiting on new flipper EOS switches. Pf back in game, just needs to be hooked up for initial testing. Initial testing in progress. Pulled the pf to work on some problems - this game is extremely difficult to work on with the pf installed. Pf back in game, most problems fixed. Down to a one switch and 3 lamps to troubleshoot. Final assembly in progress. Game assembly finished. Everything checks out but main flippers are binding. Final tweaking/testing in work.