Xenon - pf swap and refurbish for customer - update 7-18-19

PF swap and refurbish machine for customer. Pf back from clear. Pf disassembled top and bottom. One note: a sling shot assy was changed from linear to regular - will have to discuss path forward. Mechs cleaned and going back together. Target bank rebuilt. Hardware being polished. Pf assembly in progress. Lamp sockets finished - ground braid installed/soldered. Mechs laid out and installed. Flippers rebuilt and positioned. Other sling rebuilt and installed. Last mech and pops installed. Down to the rollovers. Boards removed for testing - driver board connectors replaced. Ultimate mpu and led lamp board installed. Led aux lamp driver installed. Coin door reskinned and back together. Coin door frame cleaned and polished. Top of pf work continues. 3 rectifier boards replaced and ready for testing. Almost ready for initial testing.
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