World Cup Soccer - restore for customer- update 10-9-17

Restore with new cabinet decals and fix/clearcoat playfield. Pf pulled and completely disassembled. Pf, mini, and apron sent out for touch up/clear. Parts run through ultrasonic and all coils cleaned before re-wrapping. Parts back from powder coat. Parts back from plating. All mechs reassembled. Head and cabinet back from paint - just silkscreened - decals installed. Cabinet assembly done - new labels made and placed. Playfield and apron back from clear. Pf top initial population finished - . Pf installed in game. Initial testing complete. Playfield gi connector was toast so I fixed the board and need to replace the connector. Pf lower level laid out and almost finished. Goal has a tab broken off and will need replacement. Gate has a broken wire form, but is not available, so I will have to make another. Final parts on order. mini pf back together.

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