Wild Schütz - Conversion of Strikes and spares for customer - update 6-27-20

Complete cabinet and playfield conversion of Strikes and Spares to Wild Schütz. Cabinet stripped and conversion artwork mocked in place. Biggest problem is the coin door artwork plate does not line up with the holes and will need additional prep to fit correctly. Bottom of the cabinet had a plug and when removed - you can tell why. Will probably fix with a new piece of plywood. All areas that will require paint marked with an X as shown in the photos. Initial rough fixes done and first layer of fill put on cabinet. First coat of primer applied - fill and sand minor defects done. Bottom board fixed and coin door getting re-skinned. Waiting for paint. Backbox light board painted and fixed. Chime board gets refurbed next. Hacks need to be fixed on chime board. new power chord installed and chimes rebuilt. Apron decal recreated. Cabinet back from paint/clear - waiting on decision for apron/shooter guage -painted and ready. Cabinet almost all together. Pf stripped. New pf back from clear coat. Found NOS shooter plate. Playfield bottom being laid out. Ground braid laid down. Targets done. Stiffners repainted and being installed - pops in place. Everything isbe screwed down and pops in place. Mechs disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. New polisher came in. Currently tumbling parts - all parts cleaned through ultrasonic. Switch mechs installed, pop mechs installed (topside and brace). Trying to figure out the lane guide installation now. One sling mech needs a new kicker, and one trough guide is missing a tab - borrowed one from Viking for now.

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