Whirlwind - restore for customer - Update 4-7-20

Whirlwind cabinet restoration - pf will be later. Cabinet stripped, initially sanded and filled. Cabinet back from paint - blended and warning silkscreen done. Decals installed and cabinet back together. Pf disassembled. Parts cleaned and polished. Mechs rebuilt. New pf assembly ready to start. New hinges and lockdown bar ready to install on cabinet. Siderails and legs on order. PF top isn't pre-drilled, so I have to make a template - thanks to CPR. Template made and parts getting laid out on top. Top of pf first level almost complete. Back of pf mechs laid out and installed. Flippers switched to wpc style. Plastics ready to go. Wire harness done. Cabinet getting new armor installed, waiting on tape for siderails. Pf installed in game for initial testing, ramps done.

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