Viking Playfield - swap for customer - update 2-4-21

Pf swap for customer. Pf stripped except for back harness. All mechs rebuilt - including flippers, slings and drops. Pf stripped of harness. New pf initial population in progress. Had to order some hardware due to corrosion and a few red posts. Top of pf almost completely laid out. Bottom of pf laid out and new braid soldered.. Pf rails removed prepped and painted, but paint reacted with something. rails completely sanded and repainted. Rails repainted a better color match. Rails installed except one. Harness laid out. mechs and lamps soldered to the harness. Pf ready for initial testing.Mata Hari cabinet selected as donor with Lost World Head - getting assembled for testing. Rectifier rebuilt and plate cleaned of rust - installed as well as the sound card. Speaker installe, just needs to be wired in. MPU and lamp driver on order. Head - one connector replaced. Rewired sound board connector and added two jumper connectors to mate with the pf. New connectors installed. Head boards populated, need to verify everything, then power on.

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