Atlantis - shop and repair for customer - Done!

Clean, re-rubber, and go through Gtb Atlantis. Game set up - locks drilled out for access. Initial eval complete - needs more work than initially hoped. Replaced bulbs in head. Game resets score reels, but won't start a game due to low power through the circuit. Have to start by pulling the bottom board and going through switches. Playfield has expanded/contracted enough where some inserts are falling out - they will have to be seated and glued. Playfield pulled and all the switches cleaned & adjusted - bulbs replaced. Still have to clean and adjust bonus unit - it is all gummed up and won't advance. Bottom board pulled and cleaned/adjusted. Game now starts correctly. Upper playfield stripped to glue inserts/clean/polish/wax. Parts cleaned. Playfield back together. Units rebuilt - last parts in - pf complete. In final testing.

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