Andromeda - Repair for customer - update 7-18-19

Needs electrical work to get up and running correctly. Game evaluated and hacks identified. Removed rectifier board to remove hacks and re-pin connectors. Board verifed with the schematic - have one trace to jumper for a ground and it will be ready for live test. Had two blown fuses as well. Driver board hack fixed and re-pinned. May have one bad diode - replaced. Need to figure out positioning of pins in two connectors. Game now boots and has sound. New connectors on in and replaced burnt ones. Game insert lights now work. GI problem fixed. Individually checked each system, have a few lamps to sort out and the display connector probably needs to be replaced. Switches had a screw holding one closed so all working now. After testing everything is working except for the flippers. Left flipper is fixed, right has stripped bolt holes in the housing- now fixed. Metal sleeves were replaced with plastic. Displays all working. Leds installed, just have to fix 2 that have problems.

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