Alien amplifier setup instructions here


Alien pinball software and installation

Latest software version is 1.2 and hardware version 0.9 - Both are included in the Alien software version 1.2 download here and put on a usb stick. First update the software by installing the usb into the cpu, turn the machine on, go to the system menu, go to actions, select system update and follow prompts on your screen.After you install the software go into the test menu and select I/O boards and select update. Do this for all 3 boards.

If you end up in a heighway pinball prompt and the machine won't boot follow these instructions:

Alien image software for machine recovery download here

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (ms windows) download here

Download Ubuntu Linux Version 16.04.1 LTS from above.

Write the downloaded Ubuntu onto a USB thumb drive. You can follow the tutorial here ( for information on how to do that.

Download the Alien image above
Copy the Alien software image (hpa102.img.gz) to a different USB thumb drive. Put this aside for a moment.

Insert usb hub into the machine's cpu. Plug in a mouse and keboard in the USB hub. Insert the Ubuntu USB drive into the usb hub and restart the machine. Hopefully the CPU will boot directly off the USB drive into Ubuntu. When prompted, select "Try Ubuntu". You should eventually reach a desktop UI.

Open a Terminal window: click the Search icon in the top left of the display and type "Terminal".

Insert the Alien software USB drive into Alien's CPU. (Do NOT remove the USB hub or anything plugged into the hub) The computer should detect this drive and make the files available in a folder "/media/ubuntu/<name-of- device>". In the Terminal window, switch to that directory using the "cd" command: for example, "cd /media/ubuntu/USBNAME".

Type "sudo bash" 

Type "zcat hpa102.img.gz | dd of=/dev/sda bs=64k".

Be very careful typing that. The character in the middle (before "dd") is a vertical-bar symbol. If everything is working properly, this will take several minutes to complete, with no visible feedback. (If your USB drive has an activity LED, it should flash steadily.)

Type "reboot". When prompted, remove all USB drives/hub, and press Enter to restart. If all goes well, the machine should boot directly into Alien attract mode. After the machine boots you can load the 1.2 software onto a usb drive and upgrade the software and hardware to current levels.